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Home And Workplace Health And Safety

 Health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. This not only means ensuring that workspaces are kept clean and uncluttered and that adequate floor space is provided. It is also important that employees are subjected to as little dust, dirt, and bacteria as possible. A large amount of electrical and computer equipment in a typical office produces a similarly large amount of dust and other dirt. While the carpets may be vacuumed regularly and desks dusted, the blinds are often overlooked.

 Are Your Blinds A Safe Haven For Dust And Dirt?

 However, if you were to inspect your office blinds right now, then it is highly likely that they are harbouring a lot of dust and dirt. Within this dirt are bacteria that could be causing harm to the people in your office. As air flows around the office environment, so too do the bacteria that have effectively been filtered by the blinds.

 Too much dust in the atmosphere is certainly not healthy for any employees that suffer from asthma or similar breathing difficulties. Dust allergies are also one of the more common complaints among people of all ages and another factor to consider when looking into blind cleaning services. Most offices look to the cleaning of carpets in order to remedy the situation, and while this is a good start, it should not be the whole story.

 Problems Caused By Dirty Blinds

 Dust mites are not the only living problem that could be hiding in your blinds either. Flies, cockroaches, and other insects are known to carry diseases and debris from these insects are often found on blinds. These can cause allergic reactions, itchy and flaky skin, rhinitis, bronchitis, dermatitis, and much more. Some of the common symptoms of these include altered sleep patterns and fatigue.

Keeping your work force in prime health should not just be considered a necessity borne of health and safety regulations either. Allergies and fatigue lead to reduced work rates and increased absenteeism; both of which cause your business to lose money and should be prevented where possible.

Blind Revival Blind Cleaning Services

Blind cleaning is one method of helping to prevent this absenteeism and even to improve the work rate within your office. A healthier office is a more productive one. Contact Blind Revival Blind Cleaning Services  today to discuss a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule that will have your blinds, and your workforce, working and looking as good as new.



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