Cleaning Blinds

The Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Process 

Hand cleaning blinds is not a pleasant task. Doing the job properly can be a laborious and tedious task, but done incorrectly it can leave dust and dirt behind. Too rigorous a job will inevitably mean unnecessary damage to the blind itself. For most people, the job is one that is put off time and time again until calling a blind cleaning service becomes a last resort.   Call 1300 200 950

However, to give your blinds a longer life and keep them looking, working, and even smelling fresh it is essential that they are cleaned and maintained thoroughly and regularly. At Blind Revival Blind Cleaning we can put a sparkle back into any lacklustre blinds and have them working and looking as good as new.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

By using an innovative process known as the Blind Revival Ultrasonic Cleaning Process we ensure that your entire blind is cleaned safely and thoroughly. This cleaning process is used for cleaning jewellery, glasses, and even surgical instruments because of how well it does the job.

Microscopic bubbles, caused by cavitation in the detergent tanks, travel at incredible speeds through the detergent. These bubbles ensure that the cleaning fluid is able to fully penetrate all areas of the blind. As such, ultrasonic blind cleaning provides the best results for your money.

cleaning blinds

The Environmentally Safe Blind Cleaning Service

The environmentally safe detergent is also formulated to ensure the best cleaning results and is not only clean and safe for the environment but for people as well. This powerful combination ensures that the slats, vanes, ladders, wands, cords, cord locks, and tilt mechanisms are thoroughly cleaned and that you are happy with the service.

Restore Your Blinds                

The air bubbles are safe for your blind. Rather than rigorously scrubbing or blasting away at your blinds, ultrasonic blind cleaning gently removes any stains and dirt. Our  blind cleaning service  produces visibly amazing results on a regular basis.

the  innovative Blind Revival Blind Cleaning method ensures that your blinds work more efficiently, last longer, and stay cleaner for longer.

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